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Innovation Management Office 
Elisenda Vendrell
Tel. + 34 (93) 227 5707
 (ext. 4354)
e-mail: elisenda.vendrell@idibaps.org

What we do * Innovation



Innovating through technology transfer...                                                             

... identify, evaluate, protect, value and commercialize intellectual & industrial property created by our research groups.




The procedures of Intellectual Property Rights allow effective protection of the majority of the results of the biomèdica research carried out at the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona.


The Clinic Foundation has included the protection of the results of biomedical research in its strategic goals, and carrying out a program to promote technology transfer to society, because of the advantages that it represents for the research groups as well as for society.


If a researcher of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona suspects that he|she might have an idea that could need protection, he|she is kindly requested to contact the Head of the Office of Management Innovation



MINECO Co-funding from Subprograma de Apoyo a la Función Transferencia en Centros de Investigación – INNCIDE (Ref: OTR-2011-0245)


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